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Helping Asylum Seekers in Israel is a Zionist Issue

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If you show imaginary, cool, futuristic technology in a movie or show, technologists of all ages will do their best to make it come true. Fast forward to today and the rise of Internet of Things IoT. IoT has realized a vision of a hyper-connected world — one we saw in many movies and television shows from the past 50 years. As predicted, everything from cars, to toasters, to coffee makers are becoming internet enabled.

In the corporate setting, smart thermostats adjust office temperatures based on changes in weather, smart doorbells announce visitors, and vending machines send alerts when they need to be refilled. All this is innovative and convenient, but also extremely insecure. An attacker spying on your child through your baby monitor or a stranger peeking inside your home via your home security cameras has become a real possibility. From a consumer standpoint, IoT security worries are mostly privacy-related.

Attackers targeting IoT devices are more likely to view those devices as a means to an end and use them as a starting point for lateral attacks. Adversaries could harness scores of such devices in a DDoS attack, or use them as a pivot point to reach more valuable targets on the network. IoT devices are purposefully designed to connect to a network. Some IoT devices may even communicate basic telemetry back to the device manufacturer or have means to receive software updates.

This presents a challenge for security teams because such devices must still be identified, maintained, and monitored. This means that the potential for security vulnerabilities that can be directly exploited by hackers to breach your critical systems laterally move within your network is immense.

Xkcd: Xkcd: Volume 0 (Paperback)

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In thinking of the new year, I decided I would set aside resolutions, take as it would come, but listen to little signs that indicate I should walk toward certain opportunities. One thing continues to lead to the next, and I find myself here looking at an opportunity to share the sport of track and field with the young people of Santa Cruz County. As much a team sport as an individual one. Whether or not the little athletes go on to continue the sport competitively, they will leave camp with intangible rewards.

Kids of any level, body type, and athletic goals will leave camp with the confidence, skills, and teamwork to translate into any sport or endeavor. That taking risks and failing is part of growing up. Ages: with an elementary and middle school program. Included: Excellent coaching staff, event technique, Wharf to Wharf racing bib, mini Olympics, awards, track bag, snacks, prizes, nutrition coaching, and a lot of FUN!

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1608: Hoverboard

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The “small game” Hoverboard also now has its own page. Tropes appearing in this webcomic: open/close all folders. # & A-E.

The “comic” is actually a browser game made to celebrate the release of Randall’s new book, Thing Explainer , which was released on the same day as this comic: Tuesday November 24, The comic thus appeared on a Tuesday, replacing that week’s normal Wednesday release to coincide with the release day. The title refers to a hoverboard which resembles a hovering skateboard without wheels which has been most prominently featured in the movie Back to the Future Part II , which took place in the future, until a little more than a month before this comic was released.

Marty McFly traveled to the future in this second installment, more precisely to , and this comic was released just over one month later Hoverboards are just one of many things predicted in Back to the Future Part II that have come to pass before reaching the date from the movie, but are more uncommon in our world, along with other inventions like flying cars and musical clothing. Randall is known to have had electric skateboards , which is also thematically related, although another type of hoverboard would be mentioned just five weeks later in Conversation Guide.

Given Randall’s enjoyment of movies and time travel it is very likely that this game is also a tribute to the Back to the Future movies. But the release day of the game has been used to promote his new book as is clear with the text in the start screen of the game , and this explains why it was not released on the Back to the Future date. Apart from the date of release and the text about the book, the game does not seem to have any direct relation to the book; there are, however, several scenes in the game that could be seen as references to Thing Explainer.

Instead the main part of the game is all the references to several movies and other stuff that has often been featured in xkcd as well as many of the other comics. The game features an animated Cueball riding on a hoverboard which can take several different positions. The controls are the left, up, and right arrows, as written on the start screen until you begin the game, after which the text disappears. There are alternatives as explained in the Controls section.

Track & Field Camp Coming Summer 2016!

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Permanent link to this comic: Image URL (for hotlinking/​embedding): My new book, Thing Explainer, comes.

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The latest XKCD comic is an exploration game featuring a hoverboard

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This painting has a history. Several years ago, I painted a smaller version of it, and it was exhibited for sale at a local store in La Canada. One day in April a few years ago, a car transport trailer lost its brakes on the Angeles Crest Highway and crashed through the store. Two people lost their lives in the accident, and one of the most minor casualties was that watercolor painting, of which I still have a remnant. A very lovely woman contacted me a few months ago and asked if the original painting was for sale it was not but I offered to paint it again for her in a size to suit her home, and this is the result.

She and her husband were married at Descanso Gardens many years ago, and the painting will be a memory of that very special day. And it makes me especially happy to know that the destroyed painting survives in a unique way. It became a study for this one, which will be in their family for years to come.