My grail forex,

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New article My First "Grail" has been published: Examined are the most frequent mistakes that lead the first-time programmers to creation of a "super-moneymaking" when tested trading systems.

Exemplary experts that show fantastic results in tester, but result in losses during real trading are presented.

my grail forex

The word "grail" is now often used among modern programmers ironically. It means for them the impossibility to create a "universal" program for all occasions. As to programming in MQL4, this word means impossibility to create an expert that would give fantastic effects in the real trading.

my grail forex

In reality, forex is the reflection of a complex conglomerate of phenomena - economic and industrial relations, human characters, politics. Moreover, and this is even more important, it cannot be simply formalized.

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Experienced traders recommend to enter the market only if there are three to five or even more signs indicating the possible trend. At the same time, the regularities determined by now cannot completely provide a deep basis for market forecasting with high probability of success.

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The contradictory prognoses made by my grail forex analysts of eminent banks and financial organizations confirm this. All analysts, without any exception, can very well interpret the events that have already happened, but only a few of them can give a sequence of really confident prognoses.

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